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What Does it Mean to be Cancer-Free? | Time –  · Not seeing any cancer on imaging tests is promising, but a physician cannot be 100% certain that means a cancer will not return. Even with potent treatments there’s a.

"Approved as to Form" – Coates' Canons Coates' Canons – I sometimes get questions about the ubiquitous "approved as to form," which appears on official documents, signed by the local government attorney. Is this just typical boilerplate, or is it a legal requirement for a contract, ordinance, or other official document? And what exactly does it mean when the attorney approves something as to form?

Approved as to Form Law and Legal Definition | USLegal, Inc. – Generally approved as to form means that it has been approved to be in proper form. In Divorce decrees, the judgment needs to be approved as to form and content by the parties and their attorneys before becoming final. Both parties should sign the decree, approving it as to both form and substance.

Mortgage pre-approval can give you a leg up in buying a home. It’s not the same as pre-qualification, however. Here’s how a pre-approval can help you.

What does 'subject to approval' mean? – answers.com – The phrase subject to approval means that something must first be examined and approved, or given the go ahead, by an authority figure before it can.

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What does it mean to study to show thyself approved unto God. – The New International Version renders the verse, Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth. Bible study is very important, but 2 Timothy 2:15 is not just a command to study the Bible. Being an approved workman involves much more.

What Does 'FDA Approved' Mean? – ClassAction.org – It seems like hundreds of products are labeled "FDA approved," but what does this term actually mean? Surprisingly, the FDA hasn’t determined whether products must meet certain criteria or standards to be labeled "FDA approved" and, as a result, the agency doesn’t actively monitor companies who use the phrase on their products.

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What does approved mean? – WordHippo – What does approved mean? Looking for the meaning or definition of the word approved? Here’s what it means. Adjective. Having received approval. Verb. simple past tense and past participle of approve; Find more words!

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Nintendo Switch Gets Approval in China, What Does This Mean? – The Department of Culture of Guangdong Province in China has approved the Nintendo Switch sales with Tencent as the distributor. Yesterday, authorities in the southern Chinese province of.

fha streamline refinance 2016 FHA Streamline Refinance 2012 Overview and FAQ – YouTube – We go over the new FHA streamline program for 2012 allowing for monthly MIP to remain unchanged and for nearly zero in upfront MIP.credit score mortgage lenders use new home buyer tax credits Home buyer tax credit expanded and Extended – MoneyNing – Buyers aren’t locked into purchasing single-family dwellings. Acceptable types include condos, manufactured homes and even house boats. Those who purchase a “move-up” home in 2009 can claim the credit on their 2009 tax returns or file an amended 2008 return. The purchase must be before Jan. 1.Are Mortgage Lenders Required to Use Your Middle Credit Score. – Are Mortgage Lenders Required to Use Your Middle Credit Score when giving your Mortgage? I’m going through home buying process and also a dispute on my credit report for an account in collections. My three credit scores are all over the place because of this, 786, 713 and 676.